Friday, November 30, 2007

Galaxy Geeks Wanted

CJ David went on an online adventure at GalaxyZoo and found these interesting photographs of a barred spiral galaxy, an irregular spiral galaxy, and two merging spiral galaxies while classifying galaxies and looking at the galleries.

Look at the photo with two merging galaxies: What if our very own Milky Way galaxy start to merge or collide with the Andromeda galaxy? Well, the two are actually on a collision course but it won't happen in 3 billion years as estimated by astronomers.

Anyway, looking at these glorious galaxies that no-one has ever laid eyes on before and help out in their discovery is definitely interesting and fun. And getting a sense of the diversity of galaxies and the vastness of the universe is mind-boggling.

GalaxyZoo is a project composed of astronomers from the University of Oxford, the University of Portsmouth and Johns Hopkins University (USA), and Fingerprint Digital Media of Belfast, which harnesses the power of the Internet - and our brain - to classify a million galaxies.

This project was said to be inspired by the Stardust@home project which began August of 2006, in which NASA invited the public to sort through, using a virtual telescope, dust grains obtained by spacecraft mission to Comet Wild-2. This also reminds me of the Seti@home, a distributed computing project which was opened to Netizens in mid-1999 to help Search for Extra-Terrestial Intelligence by analysing radio telescope data using the processing powers of computers that are connected to the Internet.

GalaxyZoo needs human volunteers because the human brain is much better at recognizing patterns than a computer can. Especially patterns that are unusual, the weird and the wonderful. So join in!

Images for personal and educational use courtesy of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.


Yisei said...

Interesting post! I'll definitely try it out.

Thanks for sharing~


CJ David said...

No problem Yisei. See you at the galaxyzoo forum and I look forward to you posting an interesting galaxy-discovery!

NIC said...

awesome! but how can the guys at galaxyzoo be sure that volunteers are doing it right?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. Keep up the blogging!

- Ranger Man

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wow.. in 3 billion years time u say? and I tot we would all be fried by the growing sun by then as the sun dies in 5 billion years from now. So, our galaxy will be in chaos b4 the sun even have a chance to fry us! Oh well.. either way, I would have died! lol

Mon said...

I fguess if ever the collision happens and the sun hasn't yet exploded, i think the eart would be in greatr trouble, since our solar system is ion the edge of Milky Way.

flash components said...

awesome post man