Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blog Action Day - Downloading Space-Based Solar Power

2007.10.15 Manila, Philippines

Looking back, CJ David thinks that the Internet's origin in ARPANET as a robust, decentralised, redundant communication network using packet switching technology to survive war attacks, which was also in response to the former USSR's launch of the first artificial satellite Sputnik during the Cold War, was indeed parallel to this Space-Based Solar Power proposal by the Pentagon's National Security Space Office working with the Space Frontier Foundation to provide cleaner, alternative power over war zones and to eliminate dependence on oil which has to be transported and guarded with difficulty and danger along the supply chain such as in Iraq.

Here we have another defense-driven technology which I see will evolve to provide clean, renewable, alternative power to the world. This is a good proposal as it addresses America's better military defense (or shall we say America's military offensive?) while using the sun as a source of power lessening C02 emmissions.

Some experts also foresee wars breaking out due to oil, water and many other shortages brought about by climate change. And that this proposal would supply the power needed to avert (or worsen?) such wars. Well, the use of renewable energy would lessen C02 emmissions and avert climate change and resulting foreseen wars in the first place.

Should a green energy proposal must have a militrary slant to it to merit commitment from the Bush administration?

I don't care, wars by maniacs will soon be obsolete. Our defense against global warming and climate change is the war we are fighting. Climate change is a clear and present danger. We don't need to see missiles flying to realise that. Make no mistake about it.

So beam it down Scotty. I wanna download some power. Read on.

Report Urges U.S. to Pursue Space-Based Solar Power
2007.10.12 Washington, US

A Pentagon-chartered report urges the United States to take the lead in developing space platforms capable of capturing sunlight and beaming electrical power to Earth.

Space-based solar power, according to the report, has the potential to help the United States stave off climate change and avoid future conflicts over oil by harnessing the Sun's power to provide an essentially inexhaustible supply of clean energy.

Space Based Solar Power Fuels Vision of Global Energy Security
2007.09.19 BRECKENRIDGE, Colorado

The deployment of space platforms that capture sunlight for beaming down electrical power to Earth is under review by the Pentagon, as a way to offer global energy and security benefits – including the prospect of short-circuiting future resource wars between increasingly energy-starved nations.
A proposal is being vetted by U.S. military space strategists that 10 percent of the U.S. baseload of energy by 2050, perhaps sooner, could be produced by space based solar power (SBSP). Furthermore, a demonstration of the concept is being eyed to occur within the next five to seven years.

Pentagon Looks to the Internet Community for Space Solar Power Study
2007.07.25 BOSTON

A Pentagon office is taking advantage of the collaborative nature of the Internet as it studies potential applications for space-based solar power, according to one of the officials leading the effort.

The effort marks the first time the National Security Space Office (NSSO) has conducted a study that relies heavily on Internet collaboration, according to Air Force Col. (select) M.V. "Coyote" Smith, chief of the NSSO's future concepts division. Smith is the director of the study, which began in late April.


David said...

Downloading power from the sun is cool!

Slvrdlphn said...

Oh, this is SOOOO cool! I hope I live to see the day this technology is in place. I can almost hear the petroleum companies crying in the background, hehehe.

CJ David said...

This is really hot! No, it's cool? I don't know which word to use.